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Employment issue for PwDs (CRPD Art. 27)


Law Reform Harapan OKU & AWL


Law Reform Harapan OKU & AWL

Kod Dasar:

2h Persons with Disabilities

Pernyataan masalah:

Government measures to improve the employment of PwDs include the 1% employment quota scheme; and engaging, via the Ministry of Human Resources and the Social Security Organisation, the cooperation of the private sector. Nevertheless, large numbers of PwDs are still not gainfully employed. University graduates with disabilities are jobless years after graduation, despite continuous attempts to seek employment.

Nilai dan Kepercayaan:

PwDs should enjoy equality to opportunity, and no discrimination.

Cadangan Penyelesaian:

Systematic efforts are needed for meaningful progress on the following:

a. Training for more PwDs in skills that meet evolving labour market needs, with job coaching;

b. Disability inclusion awareness raising, with incentives, for civil service Heads of Departments to make reasonable accommodation, as well as hire and retain employees with disabilities;

c. Introduce comprehensive policy, disability inclusion awareness raising, financial and taxation initiatives for the private sector to support:
i. Remunerative work opportunities for PwDs;
ii. PwDs to succeed as entrepreneurs and in various forms of gig employment.

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