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Employer, migrant, refugee and undocumented worker’s right should be protected by law and a system.


john ku



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3h Labour

Pernyataan masalah:

Malaysia employers and migrant workers have good and bad people. Employers paid more than 10k to get workers and maids with it permit, if they run away after work for a while, employers will loss. Some employers abused the workers physically and their salary. Document or undocumented migrant workers once arrested by authorities both incidents also need to pay corruption to be released. Malaysia lost billions of revenue because no proper law and system to control abused and corrupted administration that continuing to be happened.

Nilai dan Kepercayaan:

Just imaging if tomorrow all migrant workers go back to their countries, majority Malaysians will be no food to eat because majority of hard work like plantation and distribution of food done by them. Malaysia needs them and they need Malaysia. Migrant workers need to be given EPF, SOCSO and pay income tax monthly because yearly huge amount fees paid by employer by one times, will be unfair because migrant workers may not work long and run away. Migrant workers paid monthly EPF can prevent them committed crime because huge amount of money that guarantee their future and also can use for Malaysia capital of investment. If migrant workers really committed crime and jailed, their EPF money will be used to feed them. Government paid around RM41 per day for a prisoner serve in prison. Income tax, let say 5% monthly should be paid by migrant workers because they using our country facilities and infrastructure for free if not tax monthly. Malaysia employers stuck in between apply migrant work permit very hard to get and using undocumented worker pay summon if caught. If government not look into this matter seriously especially during pandemic and lock down cause many SMEs close down then no company will pay income tax, perhaps Malaysia will go bankrupt.

Cadangan Penyelesaian:

Comprehensive system need to be implemented to record data of employers and migrant workers so that no one can run away from their responsibilities. The system can record how much expenses for first employer paid to bring in one migrant worker, let say 10k, when Migrant worker had resign or run away, the second employer need to share the expenses. Migrant worker court needs to be implemented to protect employer and worker’s rights. Malaysia employers right also need to be protected by easy and fast to apply work permit for undocumented to avoid pay more than 10k to agent with corrupted money or get summon more than 10k if caught use undocumented workers. Employer should be able to get immediate approval like apply MITI allow business letter online so that no one will want to employ undocumented worker but subjected to online medical report and system data check to no serious dispute with previous employer and no serious criminal record. All migrant workers need to pay EPF, SOCSO and income tax monthly so that they are protected and contributing to our country economy.

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