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Empowerment of Youth Political Rights and Involvement


Lew Guan Xi



Kod Dasar:

2d Youth

According to a survey done by public opinion pollster Merdeka Center this year, more than two-thirds of youths have no interest in participating in politics, with 78% of them cited that politics is “complicated” and 66% of them cited that “politicians don’t care what people like me think”. The advancement in technology had led to the hedonistic culture among the youths, where they become political ignorance. Also, as of 2018, the median age of Malaysian MPs stands at 55.5 years old, which is a very imbalanced age proportion. Both of these has led to various youth-related problems, such as youth unemployment, remain unresolved as there is a lack of youth representatives in the parliament. Also, the existing generation gap and paternalistic culture in the parliament had also led to the repression of youth MPs’ opinions and viewpoints due to the constraint of being disrespectful towards the elderly.

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