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The Bangsa Malaysia Concept requires mindset transformation


Dato' Stanley Isaacs


Kod Dasar

Board of Governors, SM St. Mary's, Kuala Lumpur

1A Bangsa Malaysia

Pernyataan masalah:

The ''Ketuanan Melayu" idealogy (KMI) of the Malays especially the educated sector and fortified by Government policies and regulations are undoubtedly the hinderance to the evolution of a Bangsa Malaysia. The KMI has no place in a nation that seeks to be a developed nation.The best of the nation's human resources regardless of ethnicity and religion must be tapped nurtured and employed to serve the nation. This is entrenched in the letter as well as in the spirit of the Malaysia Constitution,. Malaysia has lost some of its best brains to other countries who have used them to their advantage. The emigration is on the premise, "I am not accepted here for my worth". The younger non-Malays have no hesitation to leave Malaysia to work elsewhere where they do not have to feel themselves as "second class".

Nilai dan Kepercayaan:

Discrimination of citizens based on the contention of "pendatang" or bukan Melayu or bukan Muslim", inhibits all efforts for unity and loyalty. Discrimination of citizens on grounds of ethnicity and religion as become entrenched. Any real effort to dismantle it, must have political courage and faith in a Bangsa Malaysia.

Cadangan Penyelesaian:

The start towards Bangsa Malaysia is the eradication of material differences in the schools beginning with differentiation of children according to race and religion, the composition of teachers and staff which must show a balanced representation of all races. The Ministry of Education, the state Education Departments and their staff must be led by qualified persons of all races. The headship of national schools must not be chosen from a single race and they must be appointed on merit. Religious classes must be limited and not compromise the time for secular subjects including science and mathematics. Special residential schools for bright Malay students must be open to all bright and deserving children of the other races to and such schools be staffed by teachers of all races. Teachers must be so trained to eliminate racial prejudices and the same be inculcated among the students in every aspect of school life. Scholarship and bursaries as well as intake of students into tertiary institutions must be merit based with limited exception to Malays and other students. Universities and institutions of higher learning must similarly eradicate all forms of hegemony by one race. Residential houses must remove segregation to promote personal relationship.

Terjemahan :

Isu Semasa dan Polisi:

Nilai-nilai & Kepercayaan:


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